Dulse Necklace Wave Pendant (2).jpg

Dulse Necklace

from 85.00
Valkyrie Necklace Valkyrie (2).jpg

Valkyrie Necklace

from 85.00
Seagrass Necklace Long Dulse Necklace 2.jpeg

Seagrass Necklace

from 85.00
Inanna Necklace ◆ Composite Small resin necklace of an ancient goddess

Inanna Necklace ◆ Composite

Golden Longbeak Necklace Golden-Longbeak2.jpg

Golden Longbeak Necklace

Inanna Necklace ◆ Metal Inanna Brass (5).jpg

Inanna Necklace ◆ Metal

from 85.00
Cernunnos Necklace Cernunnos (4).jpg

Cernunnos Necklace

from 85.00
Play Dead Necklace Rabbit (1).jpg

Play Dead Necklace

from 65.00
Dulse Earrings Wave Earrings (2).jpg

Dulse Earrings

from 45.00
Longbeak Necklace 3D printed necklace of a raven skull

Longbeak Necklace

Drakon Pendant Drakon-Pendant2.jpg

Drakon Pendant

Siren Headdress Ocean-headdress-2.jpg

Siren Headdress

from 110.00