Inanna Necklace ◆ Composite

Inanna Necklace ◆ Composite


Resin casting from an original sculpture. Finished by hand with pigment. Each item is handmade, so slight variations may occur.

Pendant is 1 inch long, suspended from an 22 inch brass chain.

Feel free to specify a different chain length in the window that appears after you add the item to your cart. CLICK HERE for a sizing chart.

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Trees Planted

When Inanna enters the holy shrine
Give her butter cake to eat.
Pour cold water to refresh her heart.
Offer her beer before the statue of the lion.
Treat her like an equal.
— from "Inanna, queen of heaven and earth : her stories and hymns from Sumer" - Diane Wolkstein & Samuel Noah Kramer, 1983