Golden Longbeak Necklace

Golden Longbeak Necklace


3D printed pendant, sculpted in virtual reality. Hand finished with pigment and metallic wax. Each item is handmade, so slight variations may occur.

Pendant is 2.75 inches long. suspended from a double brass chain 16 inches long.

Feel free to specify a different chain length in the window that appears after you add the item to your cart. CLICK HERE for a sizing chart.

Please allow 2 extra weeks for 3D printing & delivery for this item.

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Trees Planted

True beauty is hidden. Seek it then, in the invisible world.
If the veil which hides the mysteries from our eyes should
fall, nothing would be left in the world.
— "Speech of the Birds", by Farid ud-Din Attar. Translation by Garcin de Tassy & C S. Nott [1177]